Threesome enjoy Havana’s Morro Castle.
Photo Norlys Pérez Padrón

Outdoor thrills and cultural wows in untamed Cuba

Wild Cuba adventure tour

Explore bewitching Viñales Valley
Stay in and visit historic Old Havana
Boat trip to captivating Cayo Levisa
Horseback riding in tropical nature
Snorkeling, plus optional scuba dives
Tour Cuba’s majestic Capitol building
Cruise around in 1950s convertibles
Tobacco plantation and organic farm
Zipline in the land of the mogotes
Bike around Havana neighborhoods
Foodies delight at best restaurants
Downtime to wander on your own

Wild Cuba adventure tour overview

A special place on earth so exquisite it takes your breath away. Otherworldly. A stunning tropical paradise full of mythical landscapes and beguiling, warm waters. An enchanted musical secret island populated by kind effusive people who nourish your soul. So American, yet so exotic.

Nearly all-inclusive, this incredible Cuba encounter is for solo travelers, and families, and friends of all ages. We promise your escapades in Cuba from its capital to the countryside and back will satisfy generational whims.

During your Cuban holiday, you’ll experience the humble lives of rural Cubans, be a witness to their unspoiled environment, and the recipient of amazing good times.

This tour is for people who love the outdoors and desire to engage with vivacious Cubans while imbibing in their vibrant undulating culture.

Together with a small group of like-minded companions, you’ll enjoy tasty Cuban cuisine (most meals included). You’ll discover Havana in 1950s classic American convertibles, and journey to magical Guanahacabibes mountains sheltering Viñales Village where Cuba’s famed tobacco plants flourish and visit some of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage sites in our Americas.

You’ll traverse a Caribbean metropolis and small hamlets with miles of pristine hypnotic nature in between, all the time staying in comfortable, safe, clean accommodations.

You’ll walk, swim, hike, bike, sail, and snorkel across rivers, seas, forests, and parks. Level of exertion is flexible. This trip gets five-star rankings for healthy fun outdoorsy escapes.

Wild Cuba adventure tour map

Cuban provinces you’ll visit
Cuba is big. It’s larger than Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont combined.

Day 1 • Saturday • Say hello to adventurous Cuba

Cuban high school students laughing.
Cubans rank high on the world happiness index.
Cubans rank high on the world happiness index. Constant hellos, jokes, and smiles greet American guests. Free education and health care, no homelessness, and a negligible rate of violent crime boost spirits. Photo Ana Lorena.
  • Arrive at Havana’s José Martí International airport (HAV).
  • Enroute to your boutique accommodations savor the sights and sounds of one of the oldest and most stunning cities in the New World.
  • At your lodging, enjoy a welcome cocktail, freshen up, and get comfortable.
  • Group arrival dinner with your guide and tourmates.
  • Evening entertainment options: Groove to live jazz, relax in a lounge, or revel in a dicey dance show – all within walking distance of your lodging.

Day 2 • Sunday • Romancing Old Havana, old cars + castles

Water fountain in Havana.
Plaza de San Francisco de Asís is one of Havana’s four historic squares.
Plaza de San Francisco de Asís is one of Havana’s four historic squares. The plaza was built in the 1500s as a rest-stop for Spanish galleons carrying gold and other South American treasures to Spain. It sported Havana's first water fountain as a source of drinking water for residents. The original well was replaced in 1836 with the marble Fountain of the Lions (seen here). Photo Norlys Pérez Padrón.
  • Greet the day with tasty breakfast at your boutique accommodations.
  • Time warp. We’ll cruise the ancient ruins of the iconic El Morro Castle and adjacent Cabaña Fortress in 1950s classic American convertibles. The fortresses are the oldest and most expansive Spanish colonial installations in Latin America. There are more functional US vintage autos in Cuba than in the United States.
  • We’ll visit the recently renovated Capitolio de La Habana, home to Cuba’s National Assembly. The imposing monument is reminiscent of the US Capitol but taller and less austere; chocked full of grand statuary, breathtaking ornamental details, and jaw-dropping art. The building supports the sixth-largest dome in the world – clad in 24 karat gold plated panels. You will learn all about this magnificent structure from staff who work at the Capitolio.
  • Guided walking tour of Old Havana. “In terms of beauty, only Venice and Paris surpassed Havana,” penned Ernest Hemingway. He was alluding to Havana’s incredible architecture, arts, and, of course, the joie de vivre the city’s engaging people. Old Havana’s four ancient plazas are full of color and personality, with a mix of palatial buildings, monuments, museums, galleries, churches, lively entertainment, restaurants, and bars. Together, the four plazas of Old Havana contain the most extensive collection of Spanish colonial-era architecture in Latin America. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, restoration and care of Old Havana’s wonders is the responsibility the Office of the Historian of Havana – Cuba Explorer’s island sponsor. We’ll visit Cathedral Square, the Square of Arms, San Francisco Square, and Plaza Vieja.
  • Lunch at El Rum Rum de la Havana private restaurant. In Cuba, eating establishments are full of rum (the vital ingredient for mojitos) and ‘rum rum’ (a Cuban term for gossip). Gossip we must, because El Rum Rum is the talk of Habana Vieja paying homage to seafood, Spanish gastronomy, cigars and throat-warming shots of the hard stuff.
  • Guided tour of the Museum of the Revolution, former opulent palace of Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. Learn the story of Cuba from colonial times to the present. Exhibits include the yacht Granma in which Fidel Castro and 81 rebel combatants returned to Cuba from exile in México in 1956 to launch the Revolution. You’ll see relics from the Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis. It tells a story not only of Cuba but for much of Latin America.
  • Return to your boutique accommodations to freshen up.
  • Group welcome dinner at the private restaurant Mojito Mojito. Ideally situated near Plaza Vieja, it’s friendly atmosphere, fantastic food, and terrific mojitos gives it a top ranking on TripAdvisor. International guests and Cubans love this place.

Day 3 • Monday • Viñales Valley, land of the gods

Tobacco harvest in Viñales, Cuba.
Cubans use traditional tobacco growing methods inherited from their Taíno ancestors.
When Christopher Columbus reached Cuba in 1492, he observed aboriginal people “drinking smoke.” They’d been doing so for centuries. Thus the habit was introduced to the rest of the world. By 1515 the Spanish were exporting tobacco from Cuba to Europe and gleaning more profits from cigars than from gold. Cubans use traditional harvesting and processing techniques inherited from their indigenous Taíno ancestors. Photo Norlys Pérez Padrón.
  • Greet the day with tasty breakfast at your boutique accommodations.
  • We’re off to voluptuous Viñales Valley, an idyllic mountaintop hamlet in the heart of Cuba’s celebrated tobacco-growing region. The village sits in the center of an expansive valley surrounded by stunning karst hill formations known locally as mogotes. Mogotes are irregularly shaped steep-sided hills that can rise a thousand feet, and have bases ranging from just a few hundred yards in diameter to more than a mile in width. In commendation, UNESCO lists exalted Viñales Valley’s natural wonders as a World Heritage Site.
  • We’ll hike the fields of Finca Agroecologica El Paraiso organic farm and learn how this family reclaimed a rocky mountainside to grow vegetables, herbs, and exotic fruit trees.
  • Lunch at an organic farm Finca Agroecologica El Paraiso. All of its menu selections are cooked up from organic farm-fresh local ingredients. “So incredibly delicious,” say many hundreds of TripAdvisor diners.
  • Visit a privately-owned small tobacco plantation that produces the rarified leaves for Cuban’s world-renowned cigars. We’ll meet the owners – the third generation of women – who operate the farm using horses and oxen. They’ll give a personal demonstration on how to craft hand-rolled Habano cigars.
  • Boat ride through the aquatic veins of Cueva del Indio [Indian cave]. Float on the underground river that runs through a vast limestone cavern. You’ll get bat’s eye view of mammoth-sized stalactites and stalagmites lining the interior of this mini-mountain karst formation, known as a mogote in Cuba. These camel-hump formations date back to the Upper Cretaceous era.
  • Check-in to your boutique accommodations in Viñales.
  • Time to relax and freshen up for an entertaining evening.
  • Dinner tonight at El Campesino Yuri y Nino private restaurant and guest house. Another occasion to savor the best of centuries-old Cuban cuisine comprised of indigenous ingredients.
  • How about taking in some Viñales nightlife? Your guide can suggest all the hot spots.

Day 4 • Tuesday • Cayo Levisa beach, tropical splendor

Cuban northern coastal beach.
Cuba has 300 dreamy beaches – their powdery sands and warm clean waters dazzle.
Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, Cuba is the eighth largest island nation in the world. It’s 3,570 miles of coastline is 1100 miles longer than the distance between New York and Los Angeles as the crow flies. Cubans and international guests enjoy over 300 dreamy beaches – their powdery sands vary in color from dazzling white to deep black. Photo Ana Lorena.
  • Greet the day with tasty breakfast at your boutique accommodations.
  • Cayo Levisa. Early morning escape to a tiny island rimmed with coconut trees and mangroves, home to endemic bird species. Sink your feet into the island’s smooth white sands, or venture into the warm waters to explore the pristine coral reefs. Enjoy snorkeling (included), or optional scuba diving. Essential: You must have a scuba certificate for this activity. Along Cayo Levisa’s two-and-a-half miles of beach, there are 21 diving spots. In the shallows, you’ll see sponges, rare black coral, and myriad species of tropical fish. The remains of Spanish galleons shipwrecked during the 17th and 18th centuries lie beyond the depths of the shore.
  • You’ll delight over a traditional criollo lunch during your captivating Cayo Levisa excursion.
  • Return to your boutique accommodations in Viñales, time to freshen up for the evening.
  • Dinner not included in tour cost – an occasion to sample the stellar private eateries and sample the variety of Cuba’s distinctive cuisines. We’ll provide suggestions for restaurants most popular with Cubans and our travelers.
  • Think about taking in some of Viñales local nightlife. Your guide can suggest venues.

Day 5 • Wednesday • Horseback riding and zipline thrills

Zipline girl in Las Terrazas, Cuba.
Zipline across Cuban tobacco fields and jungles.
Thrill-seekers’ and adrenaline junkies’ delight. Zipline across Cuban tobacco fields and around mogotes (prehistoric mini-mountains). Photo Norlys Pérez Padrón.
  • Greet the day with tasty breakfast at your boutique accommodations.
  • Great fun required in few words: Time for horseback riding through the trails and paths of Viñales Valley.
  • Zipline perk! What more can we say about the exhilarating possibility of racing across a magical tropical valley on a narrow cable at many yards per second? Hold on to your britches.
  • Lunch at Balcón del Valle private restaurant. We chose this joint because it is a top choice of TripAdvisor fanatics, plus its panoramic view of UNESCO’s world natural global wonders inventory. You can expect tasty home cooking, family-style service, and breathtaking selfie views.
  • Return to your boutique accommodations in heavenly Havana.
  • Check-in, relax, and freshen up for the evening.
  • Dinner not included in tour cost. It’s an occasion to sample Havana’s stellar private eateries and sample the variety of the island’s distinctive cuisines. We’ll provide suggestions for restaurants most popular with Cubans and our travelers.
  • Don’t miss out on Havana’s nightlife. Your guide can suggest all the hot spots.

Day 6 • Thursday • Biking, connecting with Cubans, great food

Woman biking in Old Havana.
Cuba is one of the world’s safest destinations for female travelers.
Nooks, crannies, and secret places discovered when biking through the streets of Old Havana. With very few hills, biking around the city is effortless. However, attention to potholes and other obstacles can present challenges. Cuba is considered one of the world’s safest destinations for female travelers. Photo Norlys Pérez Padrón.
  • Greet the day with tasty breakfast at your boutique accommodations.
  • Ecofriendly and refreshing. Experience hidden spots and gems as you cruise through streets less frequented. Experience the sights, bouquets, and sounds of Cuban life on a relaxing, guided bike ride. Light clothing, long sleeves, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat recommended.
  • Lunch at Iván Chef Justo private paladar. Occupying a 1766 colonial mansion, this eatery is near the Museum of the Revolution in Old Havana. Diners describe the food as world-class. All the ingredients are organic and sourced each morning at farmers markets. Its Mediterranean atmosphere is supplemented by live Cuban classical music.
  • The afternoon is yours to wander the city and get to know Cubans.
  • Farewell group dinner at the private restaurant Los Naranjos. In the heart of Vedado in an expansive 1930s mansion, its Chef, Ernesto, specializes in fusion style dishes combining Cuban, Italian and Spanish themes. Los Naranjos’ ambiance is fun and light, its food delectable, authentic and fresh, and staff upbeat and attentive. It’s a favorite among TripAdvisor diners.
  • Evening entertainment suggestions: Fábrica de Arte, Zorra y Cuervo, Tropicana, Buena Vista, or salsa lessons. Your guide helps with all reservations and arrangements.

Day 7 • Friday • Farewell Cuba. For now.

Young lovers on Havana’s Malecón seawall.
Havana’s famous Malecón seawall snakes along the city for five miles.
Love on the Malecón seawall. Havana’s famous oceanside promenade snakes along the city for five miles. At night it transforms into a giant block party. Cubans of all ages converge for music, relaxation, WiFi, and fun. Old world romantic charm. Photo Ana Lorena.
  • Greet the day with tasty breakfast at your boutique accommodations.
  • Transfer to José Martí International airport (HAV) for flights home.
  • We’ll miss you and hope you will return soon. In Cuba, we say, “A true friend remembers the song in your heart when you have forgotten the lyrics.”
  • Want to extend your Cuba stay? We’ll gladly assist. Just ask us!
While in Cuba, our attentive island team ensures your trip is magical and memorable. Activities subject to change based on constantly evolving conditions in Cuba.

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Included in Cuba tour package cost

  • Cuban Tourist Visa and delivery, a $100 plus value
  • Certificate of Legal Cuba Travel identifying OFAC travel license category
  • Small group size: limited to twelve or fewer guests
  • Knowledgeable, fun, attentive Cuban guides from arrival to departure
  • Flexible tour payment options, you decide payment schedule
  • Quality accommodations as listed in this itinerary
  • Air-conditioned transport, professional driver, and bottled water daily
  • Arrival and departure transfers on tour start and end days
  • All meals and activities in itinerary unless noted as “optional” or “suggested”
  • Emergency telephone and internet access from Cuba to America
  • Cash advances for participants caught short of funds in Cuba
  • Ongoing support from our US and Cuban staff before, during, and after travel
  • Participants become Club Cubano alumni and receive future tour discounts

Tasty meals included each tour day


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