Cuba boy and dog wear Covid masks.
Photo Keissy Medina

Like a spring flower, Cuba blossoms again.

Cuba among most vaccinated nations

Nearly every Cuban is vaccinated against Covid, and the majority have had booster shots. Cuba leads the world in vaccination rates against Covid. With the entire population protected, the transmission of Covid is negligible. Contracting Covid in Cuba is low-risk.

What are Covid rules for Americans visiting Cuba?

  • No Covid tests or Covid vaccination records are needed.
  • Wearing a mask in public is a custom and a sign of courtesy and respect. Visitors should bring their own supply of masks as they are in short supply.
  • Observe normal social distancing and Covid hygiene practices when in public.
  • Have a great time during your holiday in a casual yet safe Cuba.

What happens if I test positive for Covid while in Cuba?

If a visitor catches Covid, Cuban medical professionals will assist and provide excellent advice, and treatment if necessary. Associated costs are covered by your Cuban medical insurance policy included in the ticket price of all flights originating in the United States.

Fast, easy online traveler entry process for visiting Cuba

Cuba has simplified documentation for arrivals. Old paper documents are replaced with an easy online form at the D’Viajeros website. The online form combines immigration and health information in a digital format. You must submit the online form within 48 hours before arrival. You will receive a QR code to present at the Cuban airport.

One last step before leaving Cuba – for Uncle Sam

The US requires Americans returning from abroad to get a Covid test 24 hours before going home. The cost is about $30 USD. Cuba Explorer staff will assist with test arrangements.

What about travel insurance and trip cancellation?

We strongly advise purchasing Travel Interruption and Cancellation insurance. Cuba Explorer insurance options allow you to pick and choose from among America’s top insurance providers.

Cuba Explorer extends the best and most generous travel refund and cancellation policies of all Cuba tour providers. Travel with Cuba Explorer means you’ll never lose any funds you advance to us. See our Cuba Traveler Bill of Rights.