Street in Habana Centro at dusk.
Photo Ana Lorena

Download a free interactive offline map for Cuba

Never get lost in Cuba, or anywhere

Paper maps work in a pinch. But let’s get modern. Download an interactive offline map for Cuba with GPS navigation and voice directions. You’ll be glad you did because finding your way around Havana and Cuba can be tricky. is fully functional offline with tons of features is a comprehensive offline map app for Apple and Android devices.

You must download it before you come to Cuba because island internet can be really slow.

Offline means you don’t pay costly roaming charges, but you still get scores of fun features.

Search for local attractions and services, use GPS navigation and distances for walking, cycling, and driving. Hiking routes show up and down topography.

The app is open-source and optimized to save space, at about 25MB for Cuba.

Its free, fast, detailed maps have turn-by-turn visual and voice navigation. is favored by Cubans and visitors to help find difficult locations quickly. Download it now.