American family visiting Havana Cuba.
Photo Norlys Pérez Padrón

We encourage you to review many Cuba tour companies

We care. Please shop and compare.

Fabulous adventures, comfy accommodations, delectable cuisine, dependable transportation, and quality services are key to a rewarding Cuba visit. If you want to get to know the real Cuba, a tour organized by local professionals guarantees it happens.

Have some fun web surfing before you purchase a Cuba trip

Cuban boy with family at beach.
Learn about Cuba while tour shopping.

When planning a trip to Cuba, do some homework. Make it recreational. You’ll learn a lot about Cuba in the process. Google ‘Cuba tours’ and ‘Cuba trips’ and study the results.

Not all tours are equal. Cuba Explorer tour packages are complete. We don’t hide costs. We detail what is included, and what is not so you can budget Cuba travel expenses accurately.

There is no pressure to purchase extra services because we don’t offer any. Our tour experiences and amenities are already top of the line. Our policy is no surprises, no hidden fees, no upcharges.

If we fail to provide a promised service or activity, we replace it with a better option or reimburse you. No arguments from our side. Satisfaction on the spot is assured.

Cuba is our home, and you are our honored guest

Cuban school boys horsing around.
Cuba is your home with Cuba Explorer.

When you travel with Cuba Explorer, you are never alone in a foreign country. We live and work in Cuba. We all speak English. We are your host and friend abroad. We’ve got your back the whole time. We respond swiftly to any requirement because we’re on the ground with you. If you want something, we don’t ask permission from a head office hundreds of miles, and perhaps several times zones away. We act locally and solve any issue asap.

Cuba Explorer staff and guides allow you to witness Cuba through the eyes of Cubans. Proceeds from our humanitarian travel project are used to restore Old Havana and improve the lives of its inhabitants.

Big price tags don’t mean better services or more satisfaction

Two Cuban girls hugging.
Save thousands by smart shopping.

Many US travel companies charge more for a week in Cuba – just 90 miles from Florida – than an all-inclusive trip to Europe or Asia. That’s not fair.

We are the Levi’s of Cuba tours – stylish, comfortable, and a good investment. We stick up for Americans for whom travel to a foreign land is a rare treat. When you book Cuba travel with Cuba Explorer, you enjoy low prices resulting from our long-time good standing in Cuba. We’ve hosted tens of thousands of satisfied Americans in Cuba since 1997 without fail.

Since all Americans can visit Cuba easily and legally, each deserves to experience incredible Cuba intimately and economically. Our mandate is to build ties of friendship and understanding between regular Americans and Cubans by offering superb cultural encounters.

Still unsure? Contact us. We’d love to discuss your concerns. We can provide you with references from among our thousands of happy travelers.