Cuban boys having water fight.
Boys having a water fight

Tipping and gratuities guideline. Be the best guest!

How much should I tip in Cuba?

Your Cuban tour guide and tour driver depend on tips and share them with their coworkers and family. They also contribute a percentage of tips to the national health and education systems. Treat tipping in Cuba as you do at home – be kind to those who assist.

Amounts most Americans share with tour helpers

Tipping practices in Cuba are similar to those in the United States. US dollars are welcomed, needed, and preferred. Learn more about how money works in Cuba.

  • Tour guide 8.00 to 10.00 USD per day per guest
  • Tour driver 5.00 to 7.00 USD per day per guest
  • Hint  You decide the amounts you’re comfortable contributing. Tipping in US dollars makes planning and budgeting easier. Smile

Tips for other Cubans who help during your stay

  • Restaurant staff 2.00 USD to 5.00 USD per guest based on service
  • Hotel porters 1.00 USD or more if you have lots of luggage
  • Chambermaids 2.00 USD per day per guest
  • Museum guides and special guides 2.00 USD per guest
  • Musicians at restaurants 1.00 USD per guest

What about “gifting” in place of tips?

Cubans in the tourist industry need cash to spend on the things they really need. They already receive a lot of leftover toothpaste, toiletries, and other stuff visitors leave behind. 

However, if you make a special friend, then a nice gift is always appropriate, together with personal things you don’t need to take home. Learn more about donations and gifts for your new Cuban friends.