Two Cuban girls hugging.
Photo Norlys Pérez Padrón

Cubans love Americans – explore our friendly island

Visit Cuba while it remains vibrant and pristine. Change is in the air.

Cuba Explorer has hosted legal travel for Americans since 1997. We invite you to witness Cuba’s unmatched natural beauty and the genuine warmth of its people. Become part of Cuba’s pivotal history, ancient architecture, and captivating culture. Revel in its ubiquitous pulsating music and dance. Everyone deserves to experience enchanting Cuba. We help make it happen. Best of all, your travel dollars sustain humanitarian projects in Cuba.

People-to-People travel is back: economical and effortless

We make legal Cuba travel easy for visitors from the United States so you can enjoy wall-to-wall fun.

An exotic new world awaits you. In addition to the magic permeating our tropical island, you’ll be staying in the only developed country considered ecologically sustainable.

Discover Cuba with like-minded explorers on our popular Cuba tours. Or, ask us to assist with a private tour for family and friends.

Paradise is just a hop away. Our Cuba tour packages include awesome experiences, top-reviewed accommodations, and deluxe dining – at prices geared to regular Americans.

Cuba Explorer travel advantages and benefits

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