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Come discover the Cuba in you. Witness the incredible island on routes less traveled. Meet the people and revel in their magical culture with Cuba Explorer. We organize legal Cuba travel and tours for all Americans at prices well below what others charge. Our weekly Cuba trips match your vacation dates. Every tour can be customized for a private holiday in Cuba.

Established in 1997, we make Cuba travel easy. Islanders treat you as an honored guest when you travel with us. You’ll enjoy wall-to-wall fun on your vacation to Cuba. Plus it’s safe and friendly. Our authentic Cuba tours rank first in breadth of activities, services and satisfaction. Every American deserves to experience pristine enchanting Cuba now.


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Trump’s doubtful Cuba travel warning: What’s behind it?

Cuba safety facts: Over four million people have visited Cuba in the last twelve months. Six hundred thousand were Americans. Not one has suffered a “sonic attack” or symptoms like those U.S. diplomats are said to have experienced. The Trump administration maintains Cuba did not conduct any attacks against U.S. Embassy staff. Not one shred of verifiable evidence supporting the alleged attacks even took place has been produced by the Trump administration. Learn more…

It’s easy and legal to travel to Cuba from Virginia

Arts, Culture and Culinary Tour

Experience western Cuba’s people, history, art and culture with acclaimed historian and author Professor Robert S. McElvaine. Explore three colonial cities and white sand beaches…

  • Eight days from $4347 $3897

Cuba Adventure Culture Tour

Hike, bike and sail across awesome Cuba on this adventure rump with nature lovers. Much music, dance and time to mingle with locals. Experience an exotic tropical paradise…

  • Eight days from $3099 $2986

Western Cuba Culture Tour

Visit UNESCO world heritage sites in Havana, Trinidad and Cienfuegos on this social and natural history expedition. Learn all about Cuban culture, and enjoy music, dance and arts…

  • Eight days from $3052 $2199

Just the Jazz Festival Tour

Focused Havana’s vibrant pulsating music and arts scene, this tour provides an opportunity to rub shoulders with musicians and know their culture via the global language of…

  • Seven days from $2898 $2249

Global Relations Discovery Tour

Multiple dates. From old Havana to the valley of tobacco. Private restaurants. Caravan in 1950s classic American cars. Experience rum, cigars and Hemingway. Get to know Cuban…

  • Eight days from $4215 $3815

Beach and Havana Life Tour

Stay on the white sand beaches and warm waters of magical Varadero while on a legal people-to-people tour. Witness Havana’s authentic culture, food and rousing nightlife…

  • Seven days from $2449 $2099

Havana Int‘l Jazz Festival Tour

Experience acclaimed jazz musicians and get to know Cuba for nine rocking days. Enjoy great food and learn all about island culture, history and nature at the same time…

  • Nine days from $3558 $2499

Cuba Birding Tour

Explore Cuba’s pristine bird habitats with the island’s “most loved birding expert” Dr Xochitl Ayón Güemes of the Natural History Museum. Check off all 24 endemics and hundreds…

  • Eleven days from $4399 $3299

Weekend in Havana Tour

Four magical days and three sensual nights in the Cuban capital known as the “Paris of the Americas.” A special getaway to relish music, dance, art and culture at an unbeatable price…

  • Four days from $1597 $1397

Cuba Introduction Tour

A week of learning, fun and friendship. Explore culture, architecture and history. You’ll get to know Cuba hand-in-hand with locals eager to engage with their American cousins…

  • Eight days from $3006 $1999

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