Woman on Cuban beach during COVID-19.
Photo Norlys Pérez Padrón

Here comes the sun. Visit warm, safe, friendly Cuba.

It’s celebration time in Havana. Join us!

Cubans are elated. Biden and Harris promise better relations with Cuba, similar to Obama times. You can travel to Cuba freely, as easy as flying from Chicago to Montreal or Cancún. We’ve missed our American friends. So much. We are ready when you are. To visit Cuba. With love.

Health, safety, and flexibility for our American guests in Cuba

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We are proud of Cuba’s efforts to stamp out COVID-19, and we’re doing double-duty to make your island stay healthy, safe, and fun. Our accommodation, restaurant, and transportation partners adhere to strict World Health Organization protocols for post-COVID-19 tourism. Our guides, staff, and Cuban activities hosts have implemented rigorous hygiene and safety practices to protect your health.

New ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ travel protection. No fine print.

Our team in Havana and Miami returns requests for private family and friends trips fast. We are hosting student groups in early 2021. Our public tours (below) are open for registration now. You can schedule travel with Cuba Explorer, and cancel for any reason up to five days before arrival. Your payments to us are fully refundable. We want your Cuban vacation to be worry-free for maximum pleasure.

Cuba for American explorers, adventurers, and culture lovers

We make Cuba travel easy for visitors from the United States.

An exotic new world awaits you. Enjoy wall-to-wall fun in safe, friendly Cuba. Meet its vibrant people and revel in their magical culture.

Discover Cuba with like-minded explorers on our popular Cuba tours. Or, pick a trip and customize it for just family and friends.

Paradise is just a hop away. Our Cuba tour packages include awesome experiences, top-reviewed accommodations, and deluxe dining – at prices geared to regular Americans.

Cuba Explorer advantages: Reserve space now, pay a $ 29 deposit later. Family and group discounts. Free Cuban Tourist Visa. Certificate of Legal Cuba Travel. $ 100 bonuses for seniors, birthdays, and alumni travelers. Ensured departures. Your travel dollars sustain humanitarian projects in Havana.