Sonic attacks in Cuba

Trump’s sonic attack fantasy hurt Cubans and Americans

Sonic ray gun image from Mars Attacks!
Trump speculated sinister foreign agents wielding sonic ray devices based on alien technologies were used to zap US diplomats in Havana. It led to a reduction in US Havana embassy staff, and visitor anxiety.

In early 2017, some US and Canadian embassy staff in Havana complained of persistent headaches and other neurological discomforts. The Trump administration alleged the diplomats were victims of bazar sonic attacks by unknown enemies. This fanciful assertion made global headlines because no such audio weapon exists. Hundreds of scientists and doctors from the States, Cuba, and other nations spent decades of cumulative hours investigating. They were unable to find any evidence of sonic attacks. Nonetheless, Trump drastically reduced embassy staff levels in Havana.

Canadian scientists solve mystery and debunk Trump lunacy

Happy Cuban schoolboys in Havana.
Trump thought deep state secret sonic technologies harmed US embassy staff. Trump’s wacky theory now disproved.

In September 2019, Canadian scientists published peer-reviewed research showing excessive amounts of mosquito spray used in US and Canadian facilities likely caused the ailments. In late 2016, during heightened global concern about the spread of Zika, foreign service staff over-doused their offices with insecticides. Scientists and medical professionals are now able to explain the unfortunate symptoms of consular employees, and why no other Cuban or visitor suffered similar maladies.

Canada’s Havana consular staff levels are returning to normal to assist 1.3 million Canadians who visit Cuba every year. Trump has yet to increase Havana embassy staff levels.

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