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Tailor made Cuba tours for people from Virginia

Your time in the sun What could be more fun than to explore and relax in an exotic tropical paradise exclusively with your partner, family, or friends?

We make that happen. We create magical Cuba trips impossible to arrange on your own. We take total responsibility and do all the work. You kick back and enjoy a rewarding and worry-free Cuban holiday.

We ensure your Cuba travel is legal, safe and memorable. While you’re in Cuba, our island team looks after you round-the-clock. We’re on the scene if hiccups happen.

Affordable luxury Cuba travel We arrange hotels or homestays, meals at fine restaurants, quality transportation with a licensed chauffeur, airport hotel transfers, smart, charming English-speaking Cuban guides, and fun, educational, entertaining activities.

  • The minute you submit your trip request, we’re in touch with you. You’ll have your own private Cuba itinerary and budget ASAP.
  • You get a free website to promote your itinerary, register participants, make payments, and feature Cuba travel tips with your tour companions.
  • We help just one visitor, and up to 500 participants.
  • Minimum stay in Cuba is one night. Maximum stay is 30 days.
  • Cuba is expensive, but worth every dollar. The cost of a handmade Cuba tour is between $400 and $550 per person per day depending on services.

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