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Shock absorbers fixed
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

No question about it. Visitors to Cuba enjoy watching the unique old cars, motor bikes and other vehicles on our roads, and they are amazed that they are still functioning and providing as well a living for some and vital mobility for others. For these vehicles to continue moving around, the talents and creativity of [read full story]

International Bill Fishing Tournament

The Ernest Hemingway International Bill Fishing Tournament will celebrate its 67th anniversary this year, from May 29 to June 3 at the Marina Hemingway, Havana. Its history is a permanent imprint of the presence of the great American writer and Nobel Prize for Literature Ernest Hemingway in Havana, who, with his passion and enthusiasm for sport fishing, [read full story]

Flying higher and higher
by Ailyn Martín Pastrana

“That adrenalin rush is what hooks you,” say the pilots who time and time again face danger as they jump from heights that seem difficult to attain. Skydiving, or parachuting, is the granddaddy of all flying sports. In Cuba it has a long tradition associated with aviation—many skydivers have received training as part of [read full story]

Tips for participating in Cuban sports events

Cuba is a country where sports are synonymous with life and passion. You can talk to anyone anywhere about any sport, from baseball to ice hockey, the winter Olympics or American football. Throughout the year there are several sports tournaments of different sorts that will go on all through the country. The Cuban government subsidizes [read full story]

56th Cuban Baseball Series
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

With changes to its structure and especially to its schedule, the 56th Cuban Baseball Series is now in its post-season stage with four teams remaining in the competition: Matanzas, Ciego de Ávila, Granma and Villa Clara. The elimination of three legendary teams such as Industriales, Santiago de Cuba and Pinar del Río during the [read full story]

Industriales: Havana’s baseball team!
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

This city has painters who won’t consider any other color than bright blue. It is the bright blue we all immediately associate with the capital’s baseball team, the Industriales. Writer Leonardo Padura has made the tongue-in-cheek comment that in life you can change your wife, your political party, even your country, but you [read full story]

Run, Charlie, Run

Marabana Marathon Havana, November 15, 2015 It is dark outside, 5:30am. Wishful thinking that I could simply sleep in and let the Havana marathon wait another year. I have, after, all been signed in various times over the years and never quite made it. Unfortunately, I have a pick-up arranged and the phone wakes me from my [read full story]