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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
by Victoria Alcalá

Every time Christmas comes around, I can’t help remembering when I was five or six years old, sitting on the floor of my house with my cousins, cracking walnuts and hazelnuts by unappealable order of my father, and the delicious smell of sour oranges, garlic and spices coming out from the kitchen every time [read full story]

Giant Rueda de casino
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

In the afternoon and evening last November 25th, nearly a thousand casino dancers came together on the esplanade of the Malecon that is known as the Piragua, to set a new Guinness World Record. The goal was to have the largest Rueda de casino in the world and to dance continuously for the longest period [read full story]

Xico sculptures
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

These days when Habaneros are celebrating the 496th birthday of their city (November 16), sixteen singular sculptures arrived at the San Francisco de Asís Square. They have been inspired by a charismatic dog known as Xoloitzcuintle in Mexico, and it is said that this small animal has been around in Central America and mainly in [read full story]

The Havana Jazz Plaza Festival
by Juliet Barclay

Some cities seem to simply fit to jazz. Tropical, sultry and with an attitude Havana fits the bill. Havana is music. From first thing in the morning till last thing at night, it pours out of houses, bars and cafes; echoes down narrow alleys; reverberates from balconies; blares from radios; booms from cars and wafts [read full story]

Three Actresses for a new Cinema in Cuba
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

There are three Cuban actresses who are closely associated with the birth and growth of a new Cuban cinema tied in with the foundation of the Cuban Institute for Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC) and part of the post-1959 Revolutionary Period. With their brilliant acting careers, these women have accompanied and enriched 57 years of creative [read full story]

Music in Cuban Cinema
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

When we refer to the relationship between music and film in Cuba in over the last fifty years, we must embark on a complicated and fascinating journey. We have to penetrate into two of the most important cultural processes that have been underway in Cuban society during this time period. The Cuban Institute for Cinematographic [read full story]

Film Buffs in Cuba
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

One of the most pleasant memories from my childhood has to do with the inerasable magic of discovering the cinemas in Havana. As I grew up, the possibilities of finding new, unique auditoriums also grew and expanded. I refer to the end of the 1960s and into the 1970s, a time when Havana’s neighborhood [read full story]

Chronicles of a country told in celluloid
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

For Cubans of my generation, going to the movies has always been a happy occasion. It has also been a rather spiritual way of cultivating friendships, making new friends and finding unexpected passions. Generally speaking, in one way or another, the inhabitants of this Island have spent the twentieth century showing their passion for the [read full story]

What’s a “habanero”?
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

Havana is being transformed. Many are enthusiastic and quite a few are skeptical, but the verdict is in: Havana is changing. Daily life in the city is becoming richer with all the new possibilities being offered by private initiatives and with the openings associated with the world of communications. We are being swamped with café [read full story]

Havana’s Art Deco highlights
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

Art deco made a deep impression on architects and public alike, perhaps because making use of more ‘noble’ elements from Egyptian art, in fashion thanks to recent archaeological discoveries, and some classical reminiscences which fell in with the neo-classicist and eclectic styles preferred by the rich criollos to exhibit their solidity and opulence, it ‘brought [read full story]