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Mojitos and music still the strongest beat
by Jill Worrall

Jewels of moisture are sliding down the sides of my mojito glass and less elegant sweat is beading on my forehead—it’s a sultry afternoon in Havana. The setting, especially if one is unprepared for Cuba’s Caribbean-style communism, is slightly discombobulating. There’s lobster on the menu, white linen napkins and supercilious waiters [read full story]

Cuban fashion designer Jacqueline Fumero
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

The outstanding fashion designer Jacqueline Fumero has become very visible on the Havana scene these days ever since her Café-Boutique opened about three years ago. Her shop is located in a lovely part of town that carries with it a substantial load of history and legend: La Loma del Ángel. Just a few steps [read full story]

What young people are wearing in Havana
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

What is very interesting is the capacity Cubans have to make a very unique imprint on anything that comes to us from abroad. Even though there are those among us who are highly critical of such an attitude and use the phrase “Cubans either reach the goal or they go way past it,” this type [read full story]

From Chanel to Fast and Furious
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

Cuban model Guadalupe Blázquez Suri (born in Camagüey, December 10, 1995) told me right away that she started modeling at the age of 18 after being discovered by a photographer while she was talking with some friends in a park. After signing with the agency Víctor-Fashion, she took part in runway shows at the Galerí [read full story]

Fast and Furious 8 in Cuba

It’s becoming in thing to say that Cuba is the in thing. Whoever repeats that phrase immediately waves a list of the celebrities who have visited the Island during the past year as irrefutable proof. But anyone who has even a sketchy knowledge of Cuban history knows that this vogue goes way back to [read full story]

Obama’s visit to Cuba: What will it bring?
by Victoria Alcalá

Who would have thought it? Obama is finally coming! As elegant and inscrutable as always, Josefina Vidal, General Director for the United States at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, announced the news a few days ago, giving rise to a barrage of viewpoints. There are those who have taken their stars-and-stripes banners out [read full story]

The essence of being Cuban
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

Some people are often puzzled when asked “What is cubanía?” The question often results in many to shrug or to give of a hackneyed response like “cubanía is tobacco, music, rum, palm trees, roast pork and sugar cane.” More than 60 yearsago, the scholar Fernando Ortiz said that “cubanidad” is the generic condition of [read full story]

Dominoes: a Cuban passion
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

The game of dominoes is one of the pastimes that best identifies the nature of Cubans. It covers every inch of the island, providing the preferred entertainment for its inhabitants. But the most interesting aspect of this activity is what goes on around the table where four players made up of two pairs vie against [read full story]

Cuban cuisine: tradition & innovation
by Beatriz Llamas

Thick and thin bean soups are an important part of the Cuban diet; many of these have their basis in traditional Spanish cooking. White, black and kidney beans, dried peas and chickpeas are the most commonly used legumes. Stews and casseroles also play a dominant role in Cuban cookery. The sofrito—a mixture of lightly [read full story]

A Christmas Song
by Aimara Fernández

It feels like spring and yet it is winter in the Cuban countryside, which grows more beautiful bathed in the colors of the sunset. No one talks about Santa, and there are no evergreens covered with snow. But Christmas in the campo (countryside) is as close as Cuba gets to a traditional Christmas. The morning [read full story]