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An architectural stew
by Victoria Alcalá

Havana has always been a very cosmopolitan city, open to different influences. As a port city, it is constantly used to the comings and goings of fleets, of receiving people from every continent, some in transit and others arriving as conquerors or refugees from wars and conflicts; a few of these people succumb [read full story]

Colón Cemetery: A jewel of Havana
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

The majestic triple-arched portal at the point where 12th Street meets Zapata Avenue signals the principal entrance to Havana’s Colón Cemetery. This Romanesque-inspired portico, 34 meters long by 21.66 meters high, is crowned by a monumental Carrara marble sculpture group representing the Christian virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity and was created by Cuban artist [read full story]

The new Cuba mix
by Jauretzy

For this music issue, we thought we would put together a series of tracks that reflects Cuba in 2016 and all the key players and sentiments that have played a role in making this a historical year. This is what we call The New Cuba Mix—looking forward to all the infinite possibilities of tomorrow, yet [read full story]

The Anatomy of a Millennial
by Jauretsi

What exactly is a Millennial? And why have they become so influential? To understand the mindset of this demographic, one must understand the social, political, and cultural climate they were born in. For starters, it is agreed that a Millennial is anyone officially born in the early 1980s through the early 2000s as the final [read full story]

X Alfonso a Millennial at heart
by Margaret Atkins

For X Alfonso, art is as natural as life itself. He was born in Havana on September 13, 1972 into a family founded by Carlos Alfonso and Ele Valdes, the creators and leaders of the legendary band Síntesis. Between the influences of the family environment and his own talent, X Alfonso’s life has always revolved [read full story]

The future in our reach
by Victoria Alcalá

Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba made the word “entrepreneur” fashionable, especially when referring to the young, although restricting the meaning to the private sector of our economy. The Real Academia Española defines the adjective as “someone resolutely taking difficult or hazardous action.” Merriam- Webster’s Dictionary is on the same track with its [read full story]

We’ll always have the malecón
by Eloy Castillo

During the long, suffocating, dark days of the Special Period, there were basically just three things to do in Havana in the evenings: drink that bitter sparkling wine that didn’t even come in a bottle, go with a couple of buddies to cool off in view of the sea by sitting on the Malecó [read full story]

Verano in Old Havana
by Victoria Alcalá

Planning ahead doesn’t seem to be very high on the list of virtues for Cubans, even though they do have quite a few. That’s why we go out into the neighborhood at dawn looking for a fuse to replace one that has just blown in our home, for a thermometer if it looks [read full story]

Beach party
by LOU

The University of Havana has developed a custom that has nothing to do with academic matters—in fact, it couldn’t be more different. This new “extra-curricular” activity, which rapidly gained in popularity, began on the last day of the European Football Cup. A group of fun-loving college students decided to organize a beach party [read full story]

Cuba’s best beach
by Juliet Barclay

“Urban travel sophisticates may try and persuade you that to find the real authentic Cuba, you need to get away from the beach. While this may be true, you will be missing out on crystal-clear waters, fine golden sand whether in a virgin backwater in Isla de la Juventud or in mecca-to-decadent tourism in an [read full story]