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Viñales was blessed by the gods
by Aimara Fernández

You can feel the energy flowing from Viñales’s fossils and its magical past, albeit renovated by the omnipresence of its overflowing natural scenery. The Cueva del Indio, the Caverna de Santo Tomás and the Palenque de los Cimarrones have all survived the hurricanes of time. The Mural of Prehistory depicts the evolution [read full story]

La Gran Piedra: to the summit
by Ailyn Martín Pastrana

Eastern Cuba is probably one of the most interesting areas in the country. Visitors should be sure not to miss the natural, historical and cultural attractions it offers: Pico Turquino, the highest point in Cuba; the mountainous massif of the Sierra Maestra, the place that gave birth to the start of the Cuban Revolution in [read full story]

Polymitas: A Cuban Miss Universe
by Victoria Alcalá

Whoever knows them and loves them, emphatically declares them to be the beauty queens of Cuban nature. Over the course of many years, countless scientists, photographers and just the curious have fallen in love with them and tracked them through the countryside, in the midst of an abundant land snail population made up of 79 genera [read full story]

Havana’s Botanical Garden: A green haven

A visitor to Havana soon discovers that the city is fun-loving and lively. However, not everyone is aware of the fact that a few kilometers from the city center there are “dead spots” where one can relax from car, bus and truck horns that seem to gooff for any reason; the endless chatter; and the [read full story]

Seven Tips to Climb Cuba’s Highest Mountain

One of the favorite vacation adventures that Cubans enjoy most is climbing the Pico Turquino`s summit, in the east of the country. Almost all of them have done this or at least they have tried to do it. That is the point with the highest altitude in Cuba, at 1974 meters above sea level. For [read full story]

Not Just Beaches
by Victoria Alcalá

There is a quote by Cuban writer Virgilio Piñera that we have heard time and time again in reference to the most unsuspected angles of political and social life on the Island: “That damned circumstance of having water everywhere.” I suppose that some of the leading lights in our tourist industry would gladly change [read full story]

Castillo en las Nubes Hotel

Some of the most amazing views of Cuba are from the portals, terrace and the backyard of the Castillo de las Nubes Hotel-Boutique, located in Soroa. Once you are there at more than 200 meters above sea level, the world undergoes temporal and spatial transformations. In this place, time has its own dynamics. As you enjoy [read full story]

Stone Zoo: Somewhere between nature and art
by Ailyn Martín Pastrana

They said self-taught sculptor Ángel Íñigo Blanco was crazy when he left his job as a coffee picker in the 1970s to devote himself full-time to his passion: carving sculptures from stone. Without an ounce of pretentiousness he says that he just “chips away the extra rock,” but his chisel has made a remarkable impression [read full story]

Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle
by Giovanni Fernández Valdés

Tito Núñez Gudás, the chef and director general of the vegetarian restaurant El Romero, is convinced that the only way to have healthy human beings is for them to have diets based chiefly on fruit and vegetables. This way of thinking led him to open the restaurant at the La Terrazas Community in [read full story]

Cuban Humidors: Art And Fantasy
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

Humidors provide the ideal conditions for cigars to preserve their appearance, aroma and texture, right up to the moment they are smoked. In particular, they regulate humidity and temperature and so prevent their disintegration or becoming dried out. They come in different sizes and forms, generally adapting to the number and size of the cigars [read full story]