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Mojitos and music still the strongest beat
by Jill Worrall

Jewels of moisture are sliding down the sides of my mojito glass and less elegant sweat is beading on my forehead—it’s a sultry afternoon in Havana. The setting, especially if one is unprepared for Cuba’s Caribbean-style communism, is slightly discombobulating. There’s lobster on the menu, white linen napkins and supercilious waiters [read full story]

The Havana Jazz Plaza Festival
by Juliet Barclay

Some cities seem to simply fit to jazz. Tropical, sultry and with an attitude Havana fits the bill. Havana is music. From first thing in the morning till last thing at night, it pours out of houses, bars and cafes; echoes down narrow alleys; reverberates from balconies; blares from radios; booms from cars and wafts [read full story]

Music in Cuban Cinema
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

When we refer to the relationship between music and film in Cuba in over the last fifty years, we must embark on a complicated and fascinating journey. We have to penetrate into two of the most important cultural processes that have been underway in Cuban society during this time period. The Cuban Institute for Cinematographic [read full story]