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Being a vegetarian is a lifestyle
by Giovanni Fernández Valdés

Tito Núñez Gudás, the chef and director general of the vegetarian restaurant El Romero, is convinced that the only way to have healthy human beings is for them to have diets based chiefly on fruit and vegetables. This way of thinking led him to open the restaurant at the La Terrazas Community in [read full story]

Cuban cuisine: tradition & innovation
by Beatriz Llamas

Thick and thin bean soups are an important part of the Cuban diet; many of these have their basis in traditional Spanish cooking. White, black and kidney beans, dried peas and chickpeas are the most commonly used legumes. Stews and casseroles also play a dominant role in Cuban cookery. The sofrito—a mixture of lightly [read full story]

Havana and the smell of its foods
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

There is a popular saying in Havana that there is a chef under every rock. In other words, there is an army of cooks at work preparing delicacies for families and friends. This is a city where food appears around every corner and both locals and visitors easily fall prey to the sin of gluttony. [read full story]