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Stone Zoo: Somewhere between nature and art
by Ailyn Martín Pastrana

They said self-taught sculptor Ángel Íñigo Blanco was crazy when he left his job as a coffee picker in the 1970s to devote himself full-time to his passion: carving sculptures from stone. Without an ounce of pretentiousness he says that he just “chips away the extra rock,” but his chisel has made a remarkable impression [read full story]

Parrandas de Remedios: The craziest chistmas eve party

In countries of Christian tradition, the 24th of December—Nochebuena or Christmas Eve—is associated with retirement, intimate family dinners, and Christmas carols. That was probably the case in the town of Remedios until the 1820s when the young priest Francisco Vigil de Quiñones, affectionately called Franscisquito by his congregation, came up with the [read full story]

Young Cuban Jazz: the legend lives on
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

I think of myself as one of the faithful, one of those veteran fans of Cuban or Latin Jazz. I’ve been very lucky to have been able to see close up some of the phenomenal artists in the 1980s who increased the stature of this musical genre on the Island and presented its image [read full story]

X Alfonso a Millennial at heart
by Margaret Atkins

For X Alfonso, art is as natural as life itself. He was born in Havana on September 13, 1972 into a family founded by Carlos Alfonso and Ele Valdes, the creators and leaders of the legendary band Síntesis. Between the influences of the family environment and his own talent, X Alfonso’s life has always revolved [read full story]

Culture in the Revolution
by Victoria Alcalá

“What is the highest milestone of culture within the Cuban Revolution” is a question posed by many academics or simple visitors to the Island. Eschewing a long enumeration, the person who is asked prefers to go to the root, and answers that it is the Literacy Campaign. However, this is a much too simplistic resource, [read full story]

Cuban TV in U.S. Airwaves

DISH, the Colorado-based provider with 13.9 million TV subscribers announced the launch of a new channel called CUBAMAX TV. Devoid of any political or news shows, the entertainment programming created in Cuba will feature films, environment-related documentaries, comedies, kid’s shows, music videos, police dramas and telenovelas. The channel’s operations will be in Miami, where [read full story]

Papa Hemingway!
by Victoria Alcalá

A dear friend who once in a while likes to throw me difficult challenges, recently asked me who was the most famous American who had visited Cuba. Because of the proximity of events, I was tempted to say President Barack Obama, the first US president of African descent who resumed relations with Cuba after more [read full story]

From Chanel to Fast and Furious
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

Cuban model Guadalupe Blázquez Suri (born in Camagüey, December 10, 1995) told me right away that she started modeling at the age of 18 after being discovered by a photographer while she was talking with some friends in a park. After signing with the agency Víctor-Fashion, she took part in runway shows at the Galerí [read full story]

Xico sculptures
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

These days when Habaneros are celebrating the 496th birthday of their city (November 16), sixteen singular sculptures arrived at the San Francisco de Asís Square. They have been inspired by a charismatic dog known as Xoloitzcuintle in Mexico, and it is said that this small animal has been around in Central America and mainly in [read full story]

Three Actresses for a new Cinema in Cuba
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

There are three Cuban actresses who are closely associated with the birth and growth of a new Cuban cinema tied in with the foundation of the Cuban Institute for Cinematographic Art and Industry (ICAIC) and part of the post-1959 Revolutionary Period. With their brilliant acting careers, these women have accompanied and enriched 57 years of creative [read full story]