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An American gets swept off her feet by Cuba
by Katherine Dobbs

A new outlook on life, a few serious sunburns, a Cuban boyfriend and hundreds of mojitos later (don’t judge!), I am back in my home base of classy Charleston, South Carolina, USA, alive and well but with an unquenchable thirst for a return trip to Cuba. I cannot even begin to tell you the [read full story]

Seeing Cuba through the eyes of an American
by Jauretsi

Cuba. Its one of those places that sounds like a sexy novel to most Americans. It brings to mind a forbidden land with 1950’s cars, simple rustic living, and salsa dancing on the corner This is the script one gobbles until you finally arrive into Cuba. Then you realize its a barrage of many more [read full story]

American visitors galore
by Victoria Alcalá

Cuba, and especially Havana, was visited by countless early travelers, whether for business, family relationships, scientific research or simple curiosity. And although until the eighteenth century the publication of the testimonies of those visits corresponded to the Europeans—Spaniards, Dutch, English, French, Italian—by the nineteenth century, Americans began to gain supremacy over the others. [read full story]

The Adonia blazing the trail
by Victoria Alcalá

Many people might wonder why all the fuss by the arrival of the Adonia at Havana Harbor, on May 1, 2016. After all, the arrival of cruise ships is nothing new in the Cuban capital (in 2015 alone, European cruises brought approximately 20,000 passengers). But the answer is very simple: it is the first one to come from the [read full story]

Fast and Furious 8 in Cuba

It’s becoming in thing to say that Cuba is the in thing. Whoever repeats that phrase immediately waves a list of the celebrities who have visited the Island during the past year as irrefutable proof. But anyone who has even a sketchy knowledge of Cuban history knows that this vogue goes way back to [read full story]

Obama’s visit to Cuba: What will it bring?
by Victoria Alcalá

Who would have thought it? Obama is finally coming! As elegant and inscrutable as always, Josefina Vidal, General Director for the United States at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, announced the news a few days ago, giving rise to a barrage of viewpoints. There are those who have taken their stars-and-stripes banners out [read full story]