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Saturn’s Cave: A hidden Cuba Treasure!
by Cuba Explorer

About 12 kilometers from Matanzas is one of the most spectacular sites in the Cuban geography: The Cave of Saturn. Its closeness to Varadero, the main tourist destination in Cuba, and with Bellamar Cave has taken relevance of this natural enclave. Saturn's Cave, is about 20 meters deep and is full of stalactites and stalagmites. The cave [read full story]

Cuban little league baseball
by Ana Lorena

Watch Cuban kids playing baseball in Havana and you can feel yourself transported back to an idyllic 1950s America. This is essence of home-spun, enthusiastic, non-commercial, passionate and local. Mix in a little apple pie, ignore the crumbling architecture and you would be there. This short and simple video by Lou shows a typical training [read full story]

Children’s games in Cuba
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

While all the world over, kids are playing computer games on their cell phones, tablets or laptops, in Cuba, the street, the block and the neighborhood take center stage and are very important to the lives of Cuban children. It would be difficult to find such warmth and meaning in any other locations. In Cuba [read full story]

La Colmenita: an enriching artistic experience
by Marilyn Bobes

Since 1990, the children’s musical theater group La Colmenita (The Little Beehive) has been passionately involving Cuban children, becoming one of the most fascinating projects to be seen on Cuban stages. It all began when Carlos Alberto “Tin” Cremata, then a young student theater director, conceived the idea to put together a traveling theater company [read full story]

Havana bakeries in the 21st century
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

There is nothing more enticing than the smell of fresh baked bread coming out of the oven. When it’s warm, bread needs nothing else and it’s a pleasure to eat it just like that even though people keep telling you that if you indulge you will put on weight and your cholesterol will [read full story]

Cuban primary school teachers
by Victoria Alcalá

For workers and technicians all the acknowledgements and awards. They have achieved extraordinary productive levels or superlative scientific results, for administrative workers who have demonstrated great efficiency (it is thanks to them that we are surviving from drowning in a sea of bureaucracy) or for our outstanding artists. And when we see them on TV [read full story]

Shock absorbers fixed
by Ricardo Alberto Pérez

No question about it. Visitors to Cuba enjoy watching the unique old cars, motor bikes and other vehicles on our roads, and they are amazed that they are still functioning and providing as well a living for some and vital mobility for others. For these vehicles to continue moving around, the talents and creativity of [read full story]

International Bill Fishing Tournament

The Ernest Hemingway International Bill Fishing Tournament will celebrate its 67th anniversary this year, from May 29 to June 3 at the Marina Hemingway, Havana. Its history is a permanent imprint of the presence of the great American writer and Nobel Prize for Literature Ernest Hemingway in Havana, who, with his passion and enthusiasm for sport fishing, [read full story]

Flying higher and higher
by Ailyn Martín Pastrana

“That adrenalin rush is what hooks you,” say the pilots who time and time again face danger as they jump from heights that seem difficult to attain. Skydiving, or parachuting, is the granddaddy of all flying sports. In Cuba it has a long tradition associated with aviation—many skydivers have received training as part of [read full story]

Tips for participating in Cuban sports events

Cuba is a country where sports are synonymous with life and passion. You can talk to anyone anywhere about any sport, from baseball to ice hockey, the winter Olympics or American football. Throughout the year there are several sports tournaments of different sorts that will go on all through the country. The Cuban government subsidizes [read full story]