When going to Cuba, be a saint – donate

Best gifts and donations for Cubans

Cubans warmly welcome gifts however small. Everything you contribute is an overture of friendship – and a great ice-breaker. Cubans lack many basic items we in North America take for granted.

Your new Cuban friends will love you

  • Gift giving to your new island friends is a most wonderful gesture. Go for it!
  • We suggest giving your donations to Cuban NGOs, schools, clinics and community organizations. This way Cuban families and communities most in need will benefit from your generosity.
  • We strongly advise against handing out gifts or money to individuals you meet on the street.
  • Many of the best and most needed items can be purchased at your local dollar store.

Gift suggestions for things hard to get in Cuba

Great gifts for children and schools
Gifts for families and communities
  • Aspirin and substitutes, Band-Aids, Multiple vitamins and vitamins A, B, C, D, E
  • Medical gloves and masks, medical thermometers
  • Female hygiene products, adult diapers and baby diapers
  • Summer season clothing and shoes
  • Sheets, pillow cases, bath towels and dishcloths (tea towels)
  • Kitchen gloves and sponges
  • USB memory sticks (a favorite)
  • Chocolates, costume jewelry, makeup, hair scrunchies
  • AA batteries! Boring, yes. But they are scarce, costly and appreciated
  • Reading glasses for elders
  • Anything you’d give your friends at home
Do not bring these items to Cuba as gifts
  • Imported live plants and seeds
  • Outdated school text books
  • Expired medicine or vitamins
  • Old or non-functioning computers
  • Items considered to be weapons

Where do I make my donations for Cubans?

We’re glad to help you help Cubans. We can suggest best organizations to receive your donations. Email us with your donation ideas and desires.