Cuba travel and safety – a global perspective

Cuba travel is legal and safe

The world tourism association FITUR declared Cuba the safest country in 2018 for tourists. Cuba is a special nation where all of its citizens revere U.S. visitors and take good care of them. No Cuban blames the American people for the hardships they face because of Washington’s ongoing blockade of the island. In Cuba, you’ll find genuine friendships, and you’ll be treated like family.

What about U.S. government travel warnings?

As of Tuesday 21 January 2020, global travel advisories rank Cuba as very safe and ask visitors to “take normal security precautions.” The U.S. government tells Cuba travelers to “exercise increased caution,” the same alert level it issues for England, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, and Belgium.

Worried about claims of sonic attacks in Cuba?

No other head of state echoes Trump’s charges that unnamed U.S. diplomats and CIA operatives were harmed in Cuba by sonic attacks. No legitimate scientist or doctor believes the alleged sonic attacks are technically possible. Indeed, most consider the saga to be junk science at best, political manipulation at worst.

Photo of Martian from the movie Mars Attacks.
Every month since July 2017 White House press sources propose possible “weapons” used in the hypothetical sonic attacks. They’ve conjured up alien technologies, kryptonite, intense crickets-chirping-during-mating racket, weapons yet-to-be invented but in the hands of forces-of-darkness, silent dog whistles, faulty bug zappers, tropical ear-wax buildup, defective walkie-talkies, Uzbekistan ray guns, deafening Cuban salsa music, Amazon Alexa subliminal signals, and backfiring microwave ovens set to defrost-pulse mode.

Every notion fielded by Team Trump for how 26 anonymous U.S. Embassy and CIA staff got “zapped” is disproved by scientists and medical professionals. Not a single White House “theory” has passed the test of scientific scrutiny.

Nor has a single visitor to Cuba – ten million over the last several years – reported sonic attack symptoms. This leaves most people thinking the whole controversy is preposterous.

Questions about health and safety in Cuba?

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