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About 12 kilometers from Matanzas is one of the most spectacular sites in the Cuban geography: The Cave of Saturn. Its closeness to Varadero, the main tourist destination in Cuba, and with Bellamar Cave has taken relevance of this natural enclave.

Saturn’s Cave, is about 20 meters deep and is full of stalactites and stalagmites. The cave houses a small lake, which is 18 meters deep with crystal clear waters that allow you to see its bottom, and which make it an authentic natural pool.

The presence of submerged stalagmites suggests that this cave was not always flooded by water. Inside you can find some galleries where fishes swim, blind shrimps – because of the darkness of the enclosure – and other characteristic species of the Cuban aquatic fauna that inhabits groundwater.

So there you can find waters suitable to practice aquatic activities such as swimming or snorkeling or enjoy a refreshing swim.

To get to this cave you must pass Matanzas in direction of Varadero, take course towards Varadero Airport and take a branch that leads to the coast, very close to Carbonera town. The traveler will find clear and sufficient signage to reach the destination.

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