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Some of the most amazing views of Cuba are from the portals, terrace and the backyard of the Castillo de las Nubes Hotel-Boutique, located in Soroa. Once you are there at more than 200 meters above sea level, the world undergoes temporal and spatial transformations.

In this place, time has its own dynamics. As you enjoy the mountains, the royal palm trees, the mastic and mango trees around the building, everything seems to live their way, without a hurry. The building was constructed in 1940 following instructions to resemble a medieval castle. A recent restauration preserved the original construction.

At present, there are six comfortable spacious rooms, an invitation for a rest and some spiritual retreat. People in love can also find a place to enjoy the beautiful sunsets and use the bar and its small cava. No doubts, this hotel is an invitation to admire its spaces both indoors and outdoors.

An interesting detail is that all the doors and roofs were made of Cuban wood, and the medieval reminiscence shows a Caribbean touch. From the entrance hall, seated in comfortable chairs, the visitor can see the main door with its doorknocker in the shape of a small lion head. Then there´s the vegetation and the closest cities to Soroa from the South: San Cristobal and Candelaria. A keen observer will even make out the Caribbean Sea.

Another advantage of the altitude in this place is the night scene, the combination of the city lights and the stars.

Castillo en las Nubes has two floors. Access to the upper floor is through wooden stairs that has a dome and several windows overlooking the outside areas. If you want to have a view of the north, you just need to walk through a door that leads to a terrace. There you can smell the fresh pine trees, humid soil and mountains (these elevations are part of the Sierra del Rosario, a Biosphere Reserve). This floor has the two junior suites in the hotel, which overlook the garden.

On the way down, the stairs lead into a corridor and a living room which has several chairs for reading and resting. Nearby is the small but cozy restaurant with an attractive window pane that allows to see the natural landscape.

In the outside area, you can sit at one of the tables close to the bar. In the back, you will find a swimming pool, some sun loungers, umbrellas, a grill, chairs and tables, a place to spend a romantic or family afternoon.

Soroa has a microclimate so it might rain at some moments during the day, and the temperature may be cooler than other parts of the country. This is the moment to observe two rainbows in the sky at the same time.

One important thing of the Castillo de las Nubes is the quality and professional work of its 9 employees. The do their best for visitors to feel at home. The service is personalized.

This hotel has a privileged location, and it is not a place to stay only for one night. You can do some trekking, visit the orchid garden with over 350 different types, go to Salto de Soroa, walk the village and try local dishes in the many paladares around.

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